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A collection of photos I took during my family's trip to Vietnam in 2019. Throughout our trip we visited a handful of cities and I was able to capture images of the people and places we encountered. 


During the summer of 2019 I was fortunate enough to study package design and photography at Accademia Italiana (in Florence), an international fine arts university. For one of my projects I chose to create a collection of photos based on the beautiful architecture and the details you can miss in the busy and crowded streets.


A passion project I had to photograph some of my favorite pairs of shoes! In high school I was very critical of how things it and would compare how I looked in something to how someone else looked. But I found shoes look relatively the same on everyone. So I started to really love and look for shoes that would make me stand out and made me feel confident. It’s silly but as time has gone on I still feel very attached to my shoes and wanted to do a little “look-book” of my shoe closet.

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